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Bad Movies With Good Friends

I have a confession to make. I like bad movies. I don’t mean the average stream of mediocrity flowing out of Hollywood on a regular basis. (The Guilt Trip, anyone?) I mean the really bad ones, the ones that slip under most people’s radar, the kind that become fodder for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax. Hudson Hawk, Howard The Duck, almost anything that features Clint Howard.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), I have a small band of merry men that share my point of view on such matters. Usually, it’s a classic from our collective childhood that someone has discovered on DVD in some discount rack that no one outside of our litle circle of four remembers or has heard of. Case in point: Condorman. This is, by all accounts, a bad movie. A less-than-classic cheesy ’80’s kids spy movie. And I love it. Sure, there’s some nostalgia involved, but the fact remains that I recognize this as a bad, bad movie, yet I will still watch it time and time again.

The best part is when I can inflict it upon one of my poor unsuspecting friends. For some reason, shared experiences are always better. Even if the experience is aesthetically appalling, sharing it with another somehow makes it more palatable. I would much rather go through a miserable experience with good friends around me than the best of times alone.

I think that’s what God has had in mind since day one – or, at least day six. It’s a theme that continues to this day; man is not meant to live this life alone. We are all unable to do it all on our own.

There’s something in this that I’ve been discovering, though. Not going it alone doesn’t always mean having other people around. At times, it means realizing that you have only God Himself on whom to rely.

I think of Elijah, all alone in the desert, and God took care of him when it seemed like there was no hope. I remember Joseph, wrongly imprisoned, yet shown favor because God never abandoned him. And there were Paul and Silas, also imprisoned, showing the jailer how to truly know God. Of course, there’s also Jesus Himself, tempted in the desert, and then praying in the garden before His arrest, relying solely on His Heavenly Father for solace and strength.

We all need help from time to time; moving, fashion advice, translator when talking to a member of the opposite sex (or is that just me?). Once in a while, though, there are things that other mere mortals just can’t do anything about. There are times when we are meant to rely solely on God Himself, if only to learn (or relearn yet again) that He is really all we need in this life.

God absolutely can and does use other people to be His hands, His feet and His voice. I’ve experienced that more times than I can count, and I’m grateful every time. And there are other times, I believe, when God wants to get me in a one-on-one conversation and make a massive point meant in that moment for my ears and my heart only. I just have to get to a place where I’m not only able, but willing to hear Him. That tends to be the trickier part.

Some things are just never going to change. I’m always going to like Condorman. I’m always going to watch bad movies with dear friends. And God will allways be there when no one else is around.


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