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40 Years; 40 Lessons Learned

June of 2012 marked 4 decades of my existence on this planet. It seems to me that, by now, I should have learned a thing or two. There are those that might argue I still have much to learn (and I’d be hard pressed to disagree).

In any case, to mark the occasion, I’ve decided to document some of the lessons I have learned about life and about myself, from birth to the present. I don’t know if these are actually going to help anyone, or if this is just a therapeutic exercise for me to justify my choices, for better or worse. Regardless, here you go:

40 Lessons From 40 Years Of Life

  1. Get comfortable with who you really are. That way, your friends will be the people with whom you actually enjoy spending time.

  2. Have a passion for something. It doesn’t matter what (as long as it’s legal).

  3. The original Star Wars trilogy is still some of the best cinematic storytelling in recent history.

  4. Theory only goes so far. Without putting it into practice, it’s worthless.

  5. I’m way better at theory than practice. Most of us are. This needs to be flipped.

  6. Having a better than average grasp of the English language can make you seem smarter than you actually are.

  7. Conversely, an inability to use language well can make people think you are far less intelligent than you may be.

  8. Stories convey and convince far better than mere facts and figures.

  9. Music automatically makes everything better.

  10. Success and failure look different with each passing year.

  11. Dating is hard.

  12. Living in fear of dating is even harder.

  13. Living with “what-ifs” is even harder than that.

  14. I will never be too old for Looney Tunes or the Muppets.

  15. Life without laughter isn’t really a life.

  16. It’s better to wait for the good things than to settle for the mediocre.

  17. I’m far more content wandering through a bookstore than almost anyplace else.

  18. The movie will NEVER be as good as the book.

  19. Perfection is impossible. Getting upset about a lack of perfection, in myself or others, is, therefore, pointless.

  20. People should be dealt with on an case-by-case basis, not lumped into generalizations based on circumstantial evidence.

  21. Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Steve McQueen were better leading men than Leonardo DeCaprio, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt could ever hope to be.

  22. I would rather watch movies with Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman than Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon.

  23. There is a huge difference between having information and having knowledge. Knowledge requires experience. Information just requires a good memory.

  24. The Three Stooges will always be funny.

  25. So will Monty Python.

  26. Jazz may be the purest form of music in existence.

  27. I will always resent 14 year old “pop stars” singing about what real love is supposed to be.

  28. Everyone is a geek about something. Some of those things are just deemed more “socially acceptable” than others.

  29. Fantasy football is little more than a role playing game for jocks.

  30. I wouldn’t change much of anything about my past. My successes and my mistakes both made me who I am today.

  31. In any given situation, one question is vital: “What have I learned from this?” (Lesson learned from my father. Thanks, Dad!)

  32. Go for the girl that’s fun to talk to over the girl that’s pretty to look at. Beauty is fleeting; brains are better.

  33. Hang out with people younger than you; they help you stay young.

  34. Hang out with people older than you; you can learn much from their stories.

  35. Hang out with people your own age; they’ll help you be yourself.

  36. To risk and fail is better than being “safe” and wondering what might have been. At least in the risking, you know.

  37. I’m still not as good at taking risks as I’d like.

  38. Watching bad movies with friends is better than watching great movies alone.

  39. Sarcasm is a valid love language. So is pizza. Chocolate doubly so.

  40. Religion is following a list of do’s and don’ts; following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime.


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